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Lecor's report: 2nd Zugarramurdi (31st August 1813)

View of Zugarramurdi and Ainhoa. Between the villages,
the Spanish French border. (Google Earth)

[Carlos Frederico Lecor to Manoel de Brito Mozinho, military secretary of Marechal General WC Beresford, reporting the 2nd Zugarramurdi, August 31, 1813, as ordered by General Lord Dalhousie, commander of the 7th Division.]

Illustrious Sir

I have the honour to enclose Your Lordship the map of the dead, wounded, and prisioners that the brigade of my command had on the 31st last month in the attack I executed on orders of Lord Dalhousie [Darluze, in the original] over the village of Zugarramurdi [Zugarramurda, in the original] in the morning of the said day, from whence I expelled the enemy and from the neighbouring heights having the French suffered mush more loss in officers and soldiers.

One company from Infantaria n.º 7 advanced flanking; however, advancing more than they should on their right flank, 1 Sargent and 8 soldiers were victims of their valour, having become enveloped by a party of enemy chasseurs.

I have no one in particular to praise in the three corps I have the honour to command, as all have done their duty with equal cold blood [I chose to preserve the Portuguese idiom].
Lieutenant Colonel Calheiros, commander of the Regimento n.º 7 [Infantaria] had his horse wounded and acted correctly; as Colonel Doyle of the n.º 19 [Infantaria], and Lieutenant Colonel Zulchke [Zulque, in the original] of the n.º 2 [Caçadores battalion]

After the enemy retired to the fields os the village of Ainhoa [Anhoa, in the original] I was rendered by a brigade of the 3rd Division, and had orders to march to Echelar, and today to Lesaca, where I am with the brigade of my command.

May the Lord save you for many years
Field of Lesaca, 1 September 1813

Most Illustrious. Sr. Manoel de Brito Mozinho

Carlos Fredº Lecor
M de C.[Major General, Marechal de Campo in the original]

Source: Arquivo Histórico Militar, 1-14-243-19

Lecor’s  6th Portuguese Brigade, 7th Division [1.9.1813]:

- Regimento de Infantaria n.º 7- 806 men : Lieutenant Colonel Francisco Xavier Calheiros [Bezerra do Araujo];
- Regimento de Infantaria n.º 19- 986 men : Colonel John Doyle;
- Batalhão de Caçadores n.º 2 - 466 men: Major George H. Zulchke

Captain John ROSS, who commanded two companies from Infantaria 7 on the 13th, in the 1st Zugarramurdi, died in this action.

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Jorge Quinta-Nova disse...

General Lord Dalhousie puts in writing to Wellington that this was due to "forward gallatry" of the Portuguese, as Lecor's Brigade of the 7th Division was to demonstrate lively, and not engage.